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Testimony of Randy Carruth

Dear Men of God: Thank you so much for allowing us to come to South Louisiana and share God's story with you. What an honor it was to meet all of you and I'm looking forward to following the leadership of the Holy Spirit as we all take it one day at a time what He has put before us. It's so exciting to join God at work with you all as He leads your path and ours as well, to come along side of you to follow your leadership among the people that God has given to you to Shepperd.

I thought it would be good for you to have my personal testimony, so you could understand how it came to be for us to meet in the first place. Below I have copied and paste it for you to read. As with anything, all honor and glory goes to our Father in Heaven for what is happening among our Native brothers and sisters and the below testimony. I'm looking forward to walking besides you in the hours, days, months and years ahead.

Brother Joe sent me your contact info and name of your church that you Pastor, yesterday. We want you to know that we have already started the process of sharing the name of your church, your name (not your contact info) for people all across North America to pray for you and your congregation and the community that you minister too. I believe as well as I know you do, everything starts with prayer.

Hi, I am Randy Carruth, Director of I Am Able Ministries; I am an ordinary man who serves an extraordinary God. As I begin, let me first give all honor and glory to God our Father in Heaven, who lives in and directs my life. I am the adopted son that God gave to Wallace and Lois Carruth; loving parents who demonstrated their love time and time again throughout my childhood. I was born with crooked feet and had multiple corrective procedures performed, that often left me in casts for weeks or months at a time. On three occasions in my life, I have had to relearn how to walk. Yet, through it all my parents cared for and loved me, and I thank God and give Him the glory for giving me to them.

At age 12, I personally came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. God began speaking to me over a period of time and after speaking with my pastor, Bro. Alvin Stockman, He convicted me of my sin and I asked Jesus into my heart, repentance and forgiveness had burst forth in the heart of a 12 year old boy. Bro. Alvin told me I had to make my decision public and after a while we had a revival at our church. The lights went out one night, but we finished the service anyway. Since, I was so shy, I thought the best time for me to go down was in the dark where no one could see me. Bro. Alvin came the next day and explained that we can’t do anything in the darkness that is pleasing to God, and if I was really sincere I must come forward again, but to do it in the light. Although I waited until the last second, at the conviction of the Holy Spirit I went down the following night, with the lights on and declared that Jesus was my Lord and Savior.

God introduced me to a wonderful young lady named Savannah and on March 3, 1978 she became my wife. We have 3 children, Randalla, Shane, and Channing and I thank God every day for the blessing of my family.

I grew up a mile from Amiable Baptist Church in Glenmora, LA, where my family has served and attended for years. I was ordained as a deacon there and served faithfully until a deacon’s meeting ended badly, and from that time on I worked as much as possible, going to church only when I had nothing else to do. But God had a plan for me and a series of events unfolded that only God could engineer, in which His power, provision, and will for my life would be clearly presented. In January of 1997 we learned that God had blessed us with another child, Channing, and in the course of routine doctor visits we were told that the baby would have Downs Syndrome and were advised to abort the pregnancy. Savannah and I shared with the doctor that we would trust God and whatever He did would be ok with us, and he said he understood. Then on July 28, 1997 I hit my head on an I-beam and as a result severely injured my neck. I was advised that I would not be able to work again and that the slightest jarring of my back could result in paralysis. Savannah then got sick one evening, while at church, and had to be rushed to the hospital. She was checked out and the doctor concluded that he would have to take the baby. Channing was born with twisted feet and 5 organs that were not functioning properly. How much lower could a person be taken, but after arranging for someone to stay at the hospital with Savannah, I went home, knelt by the bed and asked God to forgive me for walking away from Him. I told Him that He had 100% of me; that whatever He asked me to do or wherever He asked me to go, I would do it. You see, I am His and had done what He wanted, but had never given Him my all.

God did a miracle, Savannah was healed but Channing was still in NICU. The next day she was released from the hospital and upon her return home we knelt together prayed that God would heal our Channing. Channing was improving and the doctors came and told us, that they had run the test to determine organ function 3 times and that, much to their surprise, everything was normal, and we could take him home. God demonstrated His love and power to us through prayer. But I was still in pain. I had no feeling in my right arm, no strength in my right hand, and raising my right arm above my head would result in a severe migraine.

In addition to the pain, I had to endure surgery, physical therapy, and becoming addicted to pain killers, but in spite of this God opened the door for me to go Mexico as a missionary. Not only was I able to go to Mexico, God allowed me to be a part of construction teams remodeling a church that had caught fire. Later the teams were invited to help build cabins at Christian Oasis in Pineville, LA, a retreat center where pastors, laymen, and their families could get away for a few days. While on a trip to oversee the building of some cabins, I was suddenly and inexplicably hit in the face by a backhoe bucket and knocked back some 10 feet. Although my nose was hurt and bleeding, I really felt ok, yet while lying there one of the men asked if he could pray for me. I answered yes and he prayed for me. Yet I knew that the administrator, Dr. Jonathon Forester, was a man of prayer and I went to his office and asked Dr. Forester to pray for me. He said a simple pray and when I turned to leave he told me that as he was praying he saw Jesus’ hand on my shoulder and said you will be healed today. He was right, within a matter of hours the pain was gone, feeling had returned to my arm, and strength returned to my hand. Upon returning home I raised my arm above my head and pushed on the doorsill to my bedroom with such might that it cracked. It’s as I always say, “Only God.”

I Am Able Ministries was launched and, although I had not thought of this direction, God opened the door to minister to Native Americans in New Mexico. I received an e-mail to pray about a need on the Navajo Reservation not far from Cuba, New Mexico. Through this God miraculously provided the need and brought me into contact with a saintly Navajo woman who said, “It is great that you bring our people stuff, but do you know my prayer? My prayer is that God will use Native American people to lead in a revival and spiritual awakening.” I agreed that it would be a blessing, yet not knowing that it would become my prayer as well. Since that time God has used I Am Able to connect with Native American’s throughout North America.

From Kodiak, Alaska to Yellowknife, Canada to ChanChen, Mexico and beyond, God has laid out a plan before us to carry out the command of our Lord in Acts 1:8. Dr. Henry Blackaby stated the he believed that the next great revival would begin among the Native American people of North America and today that very vision is coming to reality. Our Mission Statement is, “To offer every adult, young person and child the opportunity to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; to either receive Him or reject Him”. As we follow God’s leading and go out at His direction and with His provision, Native American Christians are reaching out to their own people and those of other tribes and nations as never seen before, in order to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus. Dr. Blackaby has also encouraged Christians to, “Find where God is working and join Him.”

God is doing a mighty work among Native Americans and He has put I Am Able in the position to come along side and work in whatever capacity He leads. Just as He has used me, an everyday, ordinary man, He can use you. Won’t you pray and ask God to show you where He wants you to work and surrender to His will? I pray that God has richly blessed you as you’ve read of what God has done in my life. He can do the same in your life when you give 100% for Him and 0% for you, your life, too, will be changed forever.

All for Jesus,
Randy Carruth, Director

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First Baptist Church Haughton, LA

A year and a half ago our student ministry was preparing to go to Mexico to work with a Hispanic church. Violence continued to erupt in the area we were to visit so our parents revolted and the trip was postponed. We began praying for a new place to serve for Spring Break 2011. It was already January so time was of the essence.

I spoke with Dr. Wayne Dubose, our Director of Missions for the Northwest La. Baptist Association. He has a huge heart for native Americans and suggested I call Randy Carruth. Dr. Dubose considered him to be on the cutting edge of Native American missions for Louisiana. Randy put me in contact with a pastor in Oklahoma where we ended up spending our Spring Break. It was powerful and the Lord opened incredible doors for ministry and evangelism.

For example, the first evening we were there, we conducted a block party in a housing complex and had 12 salvation decisions. While talking with a couple residents, they could not believe we were there. I asked why it was such a big deal. They gave two reasons. First, the night before there had been a gang fight in the same location where the block party was held and several had been shot and at least one died. Second, they told us, "this is the greatest thing that has ever happened in Bristow." I thought it strange that a block party was held in such high esteem. Then, the following night we had another adult say the same comment at a park across town. It was unbelievable to see such a mighty movement of God. We saw 30 saved in Bristow, Oklahoma.

Following that trip to Bristow, I spoke with Randy and he was fired up. He asked if we would consider going again to the same location or a new one. Bristow seemed to have other groups coming so we considered a new location. Gevan Spinney, my pastor, and I met with Randy. We asked him where the biggest need is in North America for native American missions. He quickly responded that there was a church in Wisconsin looking for assistance. But there was not much being done because it was so far and not in the Bible belt. We just smiled because going the extra mile was more of a motivation than a hindrance for us.

The following August Bro. Gevan, James Sullivan, and myself flew to Lac Du Flambeau, WI for a native American "Gathering". This little church was hosting a tribal wide Christian revival. Though it was mostly made up of visitors like ourselves, we were blown away at how many other churches and Christian leaders were present. We all felt like we were led to be there but were not sure why.

During the conference several great things happened including one teenager being saved. His name is Michael. He is the grandson of Buddy Labarge, who serves as the care taker of the church facility. And Buddy is the native American that we ended up sponsoring to serve on his first mission trip going to Mexico in the Winter 2012.

Buddy has been a Christian for many years but on this mission trip he gained a heart of missions and evangelism. This is significant because when I took my team of twenty four people to Lac Du Flambeau in March of 2012, Buddy served as our anchor point for communication, etc. For example, Buddy had never heard of a prayer walk when mentioned to him during the Summer. He was part of a prayer walk on his Mexico mission trip. Then, he set up our prayer walk when our team arrived in March in Lac Du Flambeau. So neat to see his journey.

As I said, my team of twenty four showed up end of March 2012 which was Spring Break for our students. We had adults and students as normal in addition to a power team called Lifted in Faith. We took the team, and when appropriate our students, into the public school, the grocery store, gas stations, liquor stores, tobacco shops, restaurants, etc. Our goal was to love the people and look for opportunities to share Jesus. We saw over 90 saved. There were things that happened in Lac Du Flambeau that we had never seen before.

For example, we hoped to spend our Wednesday in a local prison and ice fishing. The prison turned us down and it was 65 degrees so ice fishing was impossible. We began praying and on Tuesday we heard of a Native American Expo going on at the Convention Center attached to the casino. The emphasis for the Expo was health and tribal good will.

Buddy set up a meeting for us with the director of the Expo. We explained that we were a faith based group with guys who were trained in health and fitness. His eyes lit up when he heard that and when he found out our guys could bend iron bars, break bricks, tear phone books and license plates. He gave us the PRIME booth location at the Expo which was right beside the drink machine. Every person at the Expo would have to come by our booth.

He also gave us 30 minutes on stage at the Expo in front of the big crowd. AND, he gave us clearance to say anything we wanted. Unbelievable. This is in contrast to the opening speaker of the Expo who gave a greeting and explained they worshiped the Great Spirit while looking right at our team. Was unnerving to be publicly challenged but our God would soon speak.

About an hour later our guys jumped on the stage and performed great feats of strength. Then, Kyle, the chaplain for the team stood and clearly proclaimed Jesus as the only way to Heaven. In a bold Holy Spirit led move, he asked those who wanted to be saved to stand. One by one people began standing and prayed to receive Christ. Fifty-two people made decisions for Christ in the Expo, through an event we had no idea we would get into, and in a building connected to the casino. Wild and glorious day! And we look forward to many more powerful moments with our Lord through native American missions. Thanks for partnering with us to serve.

Scott Sullivan
First Baptist Church, Haughton, LA

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God’s Work in Wisconsin

When my phone rang in August of 2011 and it was Bruce Plummer, a Native American pastor from Montana, inviting me to help out with a Native American Gathering in Wisconsin, I couldn’t get my bags packed fast enough! I called Kristina Dix, a young lady who had travelled with me to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota just two months before and, once again, we hit the road with no idea of what to expect.

Upon arriving at the reservation, Kristina and I were pleasantly surprised to find that we would be sleeping in an actual bed...and we had our own bathroom! The Lac du Flambeau reservation is completely unlike the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota...physically. However, we found that the one thing they do have in common is their level of spiritual darkness.

But God was at work! Mr. Ed and Mrs. Virginia Seneca, both long time members of the Lac du Flambeau Bible Baptist Church, were faithful attendees and participants at the gathering. They have a great love and a burden for "their people." My heart broke as I listened to Mrs. Virginia literally cry out to God, weeping for her friends, her church and her community. Together, Mrs. Virginia, Mr. Ed and I went out among the people to invite them to the gathering. Mrs. Virginia’s excitement was obvious when she made the statement, "We are going out in two’s, just like Jesus sent his disciples!" We visited with employees in the tribal offices and then met with others at the Elder’s Center on the reservation.

Randy Carruth, recognized as the driving force among Southern Baptists in reaching Native peoples in North America, and a good friend of mine and Kristina’s, was instrumental in putting all of this together. Kristina and I were both looking forward to working with Randy...but God had other plans! Shortly after arriving, Randy told us he believed God wanted us to travel south to the Menominee Reservation to minister to Bernadine, a Menominee Native American who desired to know more about the Word of God and how to teach the people, especially the children, of the reservation. I knew in my spirit that Randy was right. So, Kristina and I packed up after two days and headed south.

We spent three days visiting with Bernadine and her family. During that time, we answered questions that were raised about spiritual truths, instructed her on how to lead others to Christ and conducted a "hands on" Backyard Bible Club with Bernadine’s niece and nephew as a demonstration to help her work with the children in her community. I have found a friend for life in Bernadine. She and I continue to speak on the phone and through texts. Bernadine has also recently become a part of a Home Bible Study with Christian friends. God is doing great things on both of these reservations. While the Menominee reservation is very opposed to allowing in groups who worship the "White Man’s God", God made a way for Kristina and me to minister there. The Lac du Flambeau tribal president expressed concern for his tribe due to high incidents of alcoholism, abuse, divorce, suicide, teen pregnancy and school drop-out rates. He invited the Lac du Flambeau Bible Baptist Church to work alongside tribal leadership to help bring a change to the reservation. The result of this decision is that 95 people on the reservation have come to accept Christ as their Savior!

So…once again, I am packing my bags after getting a call from Randy Carruth asking if I could help. I am headed to Lac du Flambeau Bible Baptist Church to work alongside some of the members there. One of the things we are going to be working on is getting a Sunday School program set up for the children on the reservation.

These are examples of what God is doing amongst indigenous people groups all over the world, and I am so grateful He is allowing me to play a small part in it!

Terry Tanner

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Impact Your World Conference Report

Wayne Sheppard informed Randy in January that I Am Able would be presenting a Break Out Session at the Impact Your World Conference, sponsored by the International Mission Board on March 22-23. Randy told him that he would be unable to attend, as he would be with Donny Coulter in Canada that week and that I (Bill) would have to present for I Am Able. But the details for the trip to Canada never came together and it was cancelled. As the conference drew nearer Randy was not enthusiastic about going, but still prayed as to what God would have him do there. He called me the Friday before we were to leave and asked that I pray with him that God would provide one contact that would significantly impact the revival and spiritual awakening of Native Americans at the conference, and so we prayed.

IYWCR — Thursday March 22, 2012
Randy and I traveled to Baton Rouge to attend and be presenters at the Impact Your World Conference, sponsored by the IMB. We have been praying for one contact that God would use mightily. I have heard Randy and Bro. Gary Hawkins share that, of all the people groups in the world, the one with the most potential to reach and had the best reception by Native Americans are Koreans. Put on your seatbelts for this!! We only had 1 person come to the Break Out Session this afternoon. Gihwang Shin, Korean/Asian Missional Church Strategist for IMB, who has been working for the past 10 years in Puget Sound, Washington, with Korean and Native American ministries. He told us that he flew in last night just to come to our Break Out Session today and is flying back to California for an Embrace Conference for Koreans in America. He told us that, right now, he knows of 53 Korean pastors that are looking for ministry opportunities, and has contact with 4000 Korean churches in North America. Even if no one else comes to the sessions tomorrow, this conference was a major success and a testimony to how God answers prayer. To God be the glory and praise for what He did today!!!!/span>

IYWCR — Friday March 23, 2012
Praise God and exalt His name whenever you are able. He did it again!! As He would have it, Thursday was just the warm-up. We had 2 Break Out Sessions today, just prior to and after lunch. During the morning Break Out we had a lady come who was interested getting her Associational WMU involved in making clothes, blankets, and knit caps to send for Native American missions, but no one came after lunch.

During the time allotted for the second Break Out Randy was helping me by giving details about the Canada trips and how God brought that about. Wayne Sheppard was also in the room and Randy shared with him of how God was working in the Philippines through Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and that there was great potential to share the gospel in the Filipino school system. Wayne said, “You need to talk with Lito, he’s Filipino and he has connections in the Philippines.” Wayne left the room and as Randy and I were finishing up he looked at me and said, “We could leave right now, if we wanted to but there is one other contact to make." When we had packed away all of our materials Randy got a text message from Wayne saying he was with Lito. We went upstairs, were introduced to Lito by Wayne, and discussed the CEF potential in the Philippines. Then he asked Randy, “What do you do?” As Randy shared what I Am Able does with Native Americans, Lito was almost brought to tears. He said that the reason he had come to the US was to work with Native Americans, but he had no contacts. As we spoke, between sessions, for the rest of the day Lito shared that he had contacts throughout the South Pacific. He stated that the reason he was trying to connect with Native Americans was that the Aboriginal people of Australia are in the same place as our Indians, with regards to suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, and living in spiritual darkness. We exchanged information and all thanked God for bringing us together.

Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we prayed that God would provide one connection that would have a significant impact in the revival and spiritual awakening of Native Americans, but just as the scripture says, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Jesus Christ to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”


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Lac du Flambeau Reservation

God’s story of revival and spiritual awakening at Lac du Flambeau Bible Baptist Church (LDFBBC), located on the Lac du Flambeau Reservation in Wisconsin. A long standing tradition at LDFBBC is a Christian Gathering to which people, Native and non-Native, come and fellowship together in the late summer. Ernest Best, a Native American from Oklahoma, was first invited to attend in 1984 and has rarely missed the annual event. During the Gathering of 2010, after experiencing several years without a pastor and receiving no help from their denominational affiliation, the members of LDFBBC asked Ernest if he knew of someone who would help them. He asked if they had talked with anyone from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). They said no and he gave them the contact information of Gary Hawkins, Native American and Church Planting Missionary with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Gary was contacted and in the course of their following discussions he learned that there were construction needs as well as the need for a pastor. He told Randy Carruth, Director of I Am Able Ministries, about the needs and commented that he should go to Lac du Flambeau, and likewise had told the folks at LDFBBC of I Am Able Ministries and its ministry among Native Americans. Randy and Gary discussed the needs of the church on several occasions and each time the need to go for a visit was voiced. In the meantime, Gary remained in contact with LDFBBC and eventually invited them to the Gathering being held in Oklahoma City. A delegation of Buddy Labarge, Ed Seneca, Daniel Chapman, and George Hibbard made the trip to Oklahoma City and according to God’s plan, as they registered Randy and Wayne Sheppard, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention, (who were also invited by Gary) walked up to register. As they introduced themselves, George said that they were from LDFBBC in Wisconsin and Randy said, “Wisconsin; we’ve been praying for you.” The group made their way to a table where they sat together and later dined; all the while marveling at how God had brought them together. They were able to visit and build a relationship throughout the time spent at the conference, and the delegation from LDFBBC learned of how the SBC could help, as well as state conventions and ministries like I Am Able. As a result an invitation was extended to the people of LDFBBC to attend the Native American People Summit, held at Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas.

Buddy and Kevin Maulson attended the Summit in Springdale as well as Randy and many others; this was also the venue where they met Bruce Plummer, Native American and Missionary with Montana Indian Ministries. God again had provided an opportunity to encourage LDFBBC and introduce them to another ministry with a heart for sharing the gospel with Native people. The church was now seriously considering joining the SBC and wanted more information presented to the body of believers. A few weeks later in a phone conversation, Randy was invited to come to Wisconsin to Lac du Flambeau. He said he would and in a subsequent conversation with Bruce Plummer, he mentioned his upcoming trip to Lac du Flambeau. Bruce asked if he might be able to go also and Randy said yes, plans were made and a few weeks later they were in Lac du Flambeau. During the visit they were asked what would they do if they were here? Randy said the first thing he would do is prayer walk, but no one at LDF knew what that was or how it was done. Randy gave the example of the center aisle of the church as a street and the pews were houses and each person on the pews represented family members of each home. He then walked up the aisle and prayed for each home and family member. More questions were asked and at the direction of the Holy Spirit LDFBBC decided it wanted to become a SBC church.

Furthermore, Bruce and Randy were invited to meet with Tom Maulson, Lac du Flambeau Tribal President, who upon meeting them said that He believed in the creator but didn’t believe in Jesus, and he had sought and tried every option available to keep his people from dying from drugs, alcohol, criminal activity, etc. to no avail. But if Jesus was what it took to save his people then Jesus is what he wanted for them. With all of this in mind Dr. Dennis Hansen, Director of Missions of the Bay Lakes Baptist Association, SBC, was contacted and informed of LDFBBC’s desire to become a SBC church. Dr. Hansen met with the church in July of 2011 and presented more of what being part of the SBC would entail and the process of joining. The decision was made to join the SBC and Bay Lakes Baptist Association and in October of 2011 LDFBBC was accepted. As God was moving LDFBBC to join the SBC, he connected the church with First Baptist Church of Haughton, Louisiana and used them to encourage the people of LDF. Scott Sullivan, Minister of Students at FBC Haughton, connected with I Am Able Ministries and made a mission trip to a Native American church in Bristow, Oklahoma for Spring Break of 2011, where God moved and 30 people were saved. He spoke with Randy about other mission opportunities and was told of the need for construction work at the LDFBBC parsonage. The last week of July 2011 a team from FBC Haughton went to LDFBBC they painted, trimmed doorways, put down flooring, and helped finish the living area of the parsonage. They worked closely with Buddy Labarge, who is the caretaker of the church and parsonage, and a friendship was born. When the work was over and the team prepared to leave they were invited to the annual Gathering, and a few weeks later Senior Pastor Gevan Spinney, James Sullivan, and Scott were there in attendance. They were amazed at how many people came from so many different places to worship and fellowship in this little church, but were unsure as to why God had them attend. During the conference a teenager named Michael was saved, who happened to be Buddy’s grandson. In November of 2011 God assembled a team of 16 people, 9 of them being Native Americans, and sent them to southern Mexico as missionaries to the Mayan Indians of ChanChen. God moved mightily and a return trip was scheduled for January. Buddy heard about the trip from Randy and was led by God to go, however he didn’t have the financial means to go. Scott and FBC Haughton learned of this and sponsored Buddy for the trip to Mexico.

The last week of January 2012 Buddy and Randy were dropped off in a remote Mayan village, alone. Buddy asked, “What are we going to do?” “Prayer walk,” said Randy. “But I don’t know how to do that,” Buddy replied. Randy took the lead and began to pray, stopping at one house and then another, and another, until, at the fourth hut, he heard, “Humph”, behind him. He turned and Buddy said, “I can do this!! I can do this where I live!!!!!”

On his return to LDF Buddy began to prayer walk, he even contacted the school principal and asked if he could prayer walk on campus. The principal agreed and eagerly joined him in praying for the students and their families. He prayer walked for 2 months, sand when FBC Haughton arrived at the end of March for their Spring Break 2012 student mission trip, he had a prayer walk planned, with list of assigning teams to specific streets.

In addition to the 24 students FBC brought the power team Lifted in Faith, who perform demonstrations of strength by bending iron bars, breaking baseball bats, tearing phone books and license plates in half, and breaking things from boards to ice blocks. After their displays of strength, the team’s chaplain presents the gospel and gives an invitation to respond. Two programs were presented at the school on Monday and Tuesday nights with over 40 decisions. On Wednesday, God opened a door that otherwise could never have happened. The plans were to present a program with Lifted in Faith at a prison and go ice fishing. The prison declined and it was 65°, so no ice fishing, the church and mission team prayed that God would lead them as to what to do Wednesday and on Tuesday they heard of a Native American Expo at the tribal casino, whose emphasis was health and tribal good will. They were able to speak with the Expo’s director and, not only did he let them set up a booth, but he gave them the best spot on the convention floor, next to the drink machine. In addition, they were given 30 minutes on stage, in front of the whole crowd, and received permission to present their program uncensored. God moved and over 50 more people made decisions at the moving of the Holy Spirit. Over 90 people making decisions for Christ in 3 days, only God. As a result about 20 children came to church the following Sunday, much to the surprise of the church.

Because of the mighty movement of God, LDFBBC is now in need of materials and training for its members to disciple those who have made decisions. God has coordinated several ministries and teams to go and help LDFBBC until they get a pastor.
Bill Earl

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